Heidelberg Urban Farm

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This 15-month research and design project merges the growing public art and urban farming movements in Detroit through the creation of an art-based urban farm at the Heidelberg Project. This approach demonstrates the potential for art-based urban agriculture to increase neighborhood investment and opens up possibilities of how urban farming could serve as a nexus for other forms of neighborhood redevelopment.

To learn about the neighborhood and speak with stakeholders, two teammates and I led a public art event in the summer of 2010 where participants were invited to share their stories of the Project and paint a ceramic tile. These interviews were videotaped and later edited into an 11-minute documentary.

Finally, I developed a research paper (download PDF) and presentation about urban agriculture and art in Detroit, which I presented at the CELA conference in 2011.

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Community art event + video production

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Design exploration + development

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Research + analysis

Heidelberg urban farm plan

The design for the Heidelberg Project Urban Farm merges urban agriculture with public art

Heidelberg urban farm children's garden

Summer in the children’s garden

Heidelberg urban farm planters

Planter beds in a variety of heights and shapes allow for people with a wide range of physical capabilities to garden comfortably

Heidelberg urban farm orchard

A gathering area outside the teaching kitchen provides space for hosting community events

Heidelberg urban farm plan

Detailed plan view of children's and demonstration gardens

Heidelberg urban farm plan

Detailed plan view of community garden and orchard