Pencils + Paper + Paint

  • Construction
  • Hand Graphics

This project began by replicating Robert Delaunay’s famous painting, Sun Tower Aeroplane (1913). After recreating this work in black pencil, I created a version in color, followed by a relief made of chipboard and acrylics. Finally, this was transformed into a fantastical landscape of wood, metal and glass. This sequence allowed me to experience creating art that already achieved a strong sense of color, composition, and form.

Black-and-white and colored pencil renderings

Colored pencil renderings of Delaunay’s painting, Sun Tower Aeroplane

3-D rendering

3D pop-up of painting made with chipboard and acrylics

Landscape model

Abstract wood/metal/glass landscape model

3D model of Tokyo

Paper collage wheel that reflects the vibrancy and energy of downtown Tokyo